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4p- Hetalia Character Designs

British Empire:

dark green eyed, red highlighted blonde man, open black zip up jacket, a shirt with the United Kingdom's flag, black ripped jeans, red hightop shoes, a red and black plaid hankerchief around his neck, black gloves, he had a guitar with the UK's flag and was littered with stickers, and a chain connected to his pants with his key.
He's more controlling than his 1p counterpart. He's very strict about his orders and gives punishment if they are not carried out. He has a laid back but stict air. He doesn't like it when people call him anything other than Britain and will go as far as hitting someone with his guitar to prove so. He's really controlling but he does truely love his family and his colonies, his mind is just slightly twisted.
He's mostly kind to the 1p characters though. And the person he's most kind to is 4pAmerica. He still loves tea and scones, but now 4pIreland makes them for him. And he's really just misuderstood.
He doesn't want 4pAmerica to ever leave him, and he poisons his food slightly sometimes. So that the other will become bedridden more.  
He smiles all the time and dyed his hair red because it reminded him of all the blood that was shed for him to get where he is. When he sees blood, it usually makes him feel sick. Unless it's because someone got punishment and he's too mad to think about it.
Truthfully, he doesn't like being an empire because of all the people that had died and are still dying. He says, "Even now, I can feel people in my colonies, dying by radiation poisoning, starvation, hypothermia, murder... I can go on for days on end." He can feel the people in his colonies just like the other empire could feel theirs.

usually wears a signiture red trimmed black unlatched jacket that had black fluff on the rim of the hood, black baggy jeans that had fake rips in it that had red cloth under the rips covering the canadian's skin, underneath his jacket he wore a red and black plaid shirt that had a black maple leaf where the canadian's heart was, black combat boots, black gloves, black squared glasses that had a gray tint to them and had his blonde hair tied back into a ponytail.
He figured that if he wanted to stay independent he would become more outgoing. So he told 4pAmerica to teach him to be more out there and independant, back when 4pAmerica was still very strong. And he took the lessons to literally and became pretty much a bad ass.
When 4pAmerica became sickly and weak, he was the one that took care of him before making them both and 4pMexico become 4pEngland's colonies again.
He follows every single order 4pEngland gives him because he wants the empire to take care of his brother.
He has a HUGE soft spot for 4pAmerica and would do anything for him. Even go against 4pEngland's orders.
Doesn't like it when someone ignores him and will speak louder, yell, or hit anyone who does. Except for 4pAmerica and 1pAmerica, because the latter is so weak and his 1p counterpart reminds him so much of how 4pAmerica was like.
He's strict about his job as protector of 4pEngland's house and will shoot anyone who goes into the man's yard, from the porches. (front and back)
He commands giant polar bears, through whistles, snaps, claps, and commands. The polar bears all listen to him and think of him as part of their pack. (or herd or whatever groups of polarbears are.)
Has anger issues. When his mind snaps, he turns very darka nd will kill anything in his way. He is worse then 2pCanada, when he is dark. He has tried to kill himself in the dark state, twice. But 4pEngland stopped him the first time and 4pAmerica the second.
Usually very calm.
job: Protector/Assassin

large white polar bear, large dark scar on his left side as well as one on his right eye.
the Head of 4pCanada's polar bears. They look up to him and follow his orders after 4pCanada's.
Doesn't like it when someone disrespects the canadian. And attacks anyone who gets one the canadian's nerves.
Usually calms 4pCanada down, before he goes dark. He NEVER forgets him.
Protects 4pCanada and 4pAmerica, like his cubs.

red-head with a crazed grin, wore a gray hoodie, dark purple sunglasses, blue jeans that had rips like Kanada's but inside the rips were gray cloth, a plain black shirt under the jacket, black loafers and glove, and had a revolver in his right hand. The man only had one full arm, the other only being up to his elbow. The sleeve of the left arm was rolled up to the upper mid arm, showing the part where the apendage was cut.
hates 10pScotland, still unknown why.
Is a very rebellious man. he is also VERY trigger happy.
He sits ontop of 4pEngland's house and snipes anyone trying to sneak in the brits house.
has tried to assassinate 4pEngland.
His missing limb are because of 4pEngland's punishments.
job: sniper.

tall brunette that had a scar on his left eye, and an eye patch over his right eye, a kind knowing smile on his face and his hair tied back into a ponytail much like Kanada. He wore a black sweater vest over a red long sleeve shirt, black slacks and loafers, and black gloves.
always tries to protect his brothers from 4pEngland's wrath.
is really kind and understanding, when he's not mad.
usually does chores in the house, paperwork or punishment missions for 4pEngland.
His missing eye is because of 4pEngland.
job: caretaker/butler

a short brown haired, green eyed girl who wore a short black and red gothic dress that reached mid-thigh and puffed out, black fishnet stockings, a black pouch strapped to her left mid-thigh, black boots that covered her ankles, a fingerless black glove on her right hand, and a red glove that reached to her mid-bicep that only had holes for her pinkie, thumb and middle finger. She had her long brown hair tied and over her right shoulder, a red head band on her head that had a little skull on the left side and black ribbons on both sides of the band.
She knows about 4pCanada's contract with 4pEngland, even thought the canadian doesn't knw she knows.
tries to help the others from getting hurt.
usually helps 4pWales around the house.
job: maid.

He wore a plain white shirt and light blue pajama pants. His skin was paler than his counterpart and his blue eyes were light and duller as well. He didn't wear shoes.
He was sickly and weak. He tries to smile all the time so no one will feel sorry for him. He usually stays in his room or around the house when theirs guests. He usually is cheerfull, but has his emo moments when he wants to die because of the pain.
he hates seeing the blood of other people and will go so far as throwing himself in front of a bullet to stop the blood shed.
he's a pasicist.
doesn't like it when 4pEngland tries to lock him in his room.
He tries to get healthier because he wants to get out of 4pEngland's way. And not be a burden on the man, not knowing the man is trying to keep him in his house.
is not allowed outside of the brick walls that surround 4pEngland's house, is only barely allowed outside.

a taller darker oranged haired one, wore a simple black button-up shirt, black slacks, black loafers, and black gloves. He had a sinthetic right leg and both of his arms were replaced by automail, as well as one of his eyes was hazed over and blind.
just as rebellious as 4pScotland.
has tried to assassinate 4pEngland.
he makes his own automail.
All of his wounds and missing limbs are because of 4pEngland's punishments.
He does really care for all his brothers, even 4pEngland. But he wants to be a free country, so he tries to assassinate the empire to weaken him for a rebellion.
job: cook

4pNorth Ireland/North Aireland/ North:
a younger had freckles scattered on his face. He wore a blue and black plaid shirt under a dark blue hoodie, black jeans, black gloves and black combat boots that had blue laces. He had a large vertical scar from the middle of his right cheek to the bottom of his chin. He had other scars on his neck, one particular was a large horizontal gash, that reached across the front of his neck.
He's mute, and speaks sign language instead of talking. He's mute because of 4pEngland.
rebellious and has a sharp tongue (aka cusses ALOT.)
Well My DRAFT 4p Hetalia Characters:
Britain: 4pEngland
Kanada: 4pCanada
Cumajiro: 4pKumajiro
Skottland: 4pScotland
Whales: 4pWales
Mexiko: 4pMexico
Amerika: 4pAmerica
Aireland: 4pIreland
NorthAireland/North: 4pIreland

The "war and poor" Hetalia: The world after a nuclear war in a different universe. Countries made alliances and live together with their family and try to get by. The world is still poor but they all still try to make a living, even if by whoring them selfs or stealing from others. It doesn't matter as long as they can survive with the ones they love. Most people in that world hate America because he started and ended the nuclear war. And with the passing of centuries in war, many nations have changed and some have died. Many nations have taken up jobs humans would do, i.e. working in a resturant or working at a bank. It's a world full of regret and resentment. Because the economy is so tight, empires have taken the world and govern and support thier colonies. There the British, Dutch, German, Italian, Nordic and Thai empire. (They come from any door opened with a special skeleton key that all the 4p's have. The key is different for each nation. It has the nations flag and other things that the nation was once very known for, but have lost.)
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